“Elise’s creativity and expertise have been invaluable to me and to the New Haven Public Schools. Elise helped develop and implement a communications strategy for a new accountability initiative in the NHPS. Elise developed the “Stand up and be accountable” campaign around increasing pubic and parental involvement in the schools. The program was not initially accepted by all, and it was Elise’s strategic direction and materials that introduced the program and excited our school constituencies in a positive and creative manner. Elise was highly committed to the project, articulated a passion and talent for taking abstract ideas and synthesizing them into a motivational campaign that had positive effects for our school system.”

New Haven Public Schools Director of Communications Catherine Sullivan DeCarlo, New Haven Public Schools

“Supporting your child during the college application process is overwhelming to begin with. If your student is a college level athlete, the process can feel insurmountable. Elise helped our daughter through every step of the recruiting process. Elise was understanding and her approach was customized for our daughter’s needs, as well as affordable. Elise helped develop a list of colleges that were suitable, academically and athletically. She guided our daughter through the process of how to respond to and contact college coaches. She broke things down for us every step of the way and made the recruiting process accessible. We could not have done this without her guidance.”

Yarrow Fought

“We’ve been working with Elise throughout the college recruitment process for our son. He is a student athlete that wants to play college soccer. Elise has an amazing wealth of knowledge that has helped us each step of the way: from how to reach out to coaches, to what to expect and how to prepare for phone calls and school visits. Elise has been a critical resource in helping us navigate the whole process by answering the many questions we’ve had and bringing things to our attention that would not have occurred to us to ask. Her advice is personalized to each student-athlete’s level of play and individual athletic and academic goals which is extremely difficult to find. We highly recommend Elise to families navigating the recruiting process.”

Margo and Doug Wheeler

“We are thrilled to be working with Elise. She is wonderful at breaking down the process and guiding us step by step. Her incredible experience in this field shows, as she methodically directed us to websites for showcases, USA Hockey programs, and college clinics, and gave us specific advice for our daughter. She knows how things work from her own experience and she sincerely wants to see our daughter find the right fit. Elise is a strong and supportive guide in this critical developmental period of our daughter’s athletic future.”

Becky and David Schamis

“My son is a junior in high school and wanted to explore the possibility of playing soccer in college. I didn’t have any experience with this process, nor did I know the right people to ask simple questions of where to begin or how to proceed. There seemed to be so many questions I needed answers to!  Attending the college sports workshop with Elise made perfect sense for us to get started in this overwhelming process. Elise outlined ways for my son to have a clear, organized plan for researching and identifying prospective schools that are a good fit for him academically and athletically. We learned how to effectively communicate with a coach and think of his future as college student athlete. I would highly recommend Elise’s guidance to any parent of a student athlete who has a thought of their child attending college to play a sport. Attend a workshop or speak directly with Elise. The tools are so valuable, and you will walk away feeling confident about the process.”

Stefanie Pinard

“My son, Will and I attended Elise’s presentation and found it extraordinarily helpful and well organized!  We both learned  valuable next steps in reaching his goal of playing college sports.  When we got home, Will emailed the college coaches of schools he is interested in right away. Elise is a dynamic, well spoken presenter who engages the audience and thoughtfully answers questions.  We would highly recommend attending this presentation and working with Elise toward your college sports goals!”

Karen and Will Bruzzesse