What is Momentum?

Momentum is the strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events. In sports psychology, psychological momentum, is defined by The Oxford Dictionary of Sports Science as, “the positive or negative change in cognition, affect, physiology, and behavior caused by an event or series of events that affects either the perceptions of the competitors or, perhaps, the quality of performance and the outcome of the competition. Positive momentum is associated with periods of competition, such as a winning streak, in which everything seems to ‘go right’ for the competitors.”

For an individual athlete, when playing or in life, perceptions are improved when he/she is prepared, making good decisions, building skill and strength, and putting things in motion to create a positive outcome.

Dream with Momentum provides consulting and counseling for student athletes and their families. We do this by helping student athletes understand the process, create a personal path to playing their sport in college, and learn how to communicate well and confidently. Working hard with a good coach, student athletes can develop their talent. However, without a plan in place, it is difficult for these talented athletes to reach their goal of playing a sport in college. It takes time and effort at all college levels. Dream with Momentum can help student athletes build the skills that puts them on track to becoming a collegiate athlete.