Why Momentum?

Setting your sights on playing sports in college can sometimes feel lonely and overwhelming, both for athletes and their families. The pressure, the peer influences, and the need to set goals, and make decisions at a young age are all difficult for student athletes.

These student-athletes and their families need teammates, just as they do on the field or court, to support, advise and and mentor them as they consider the recruiting and prep school or college selection process. Think of Momentum as one of your biggest fans or a teammate. With experience in this area, I can help you broaden your understanding of the process, help you communicate to create opportunities, counsel you as decisions arise, and feel more confident and secure as you explore and evaluate your options for your (your son’s/daughter’s) future.

Student athletes are most successful in the preparatory school and college recruiting process when they:

  • Start early and create a thoughtful plan
  • Create personal, academic and athletic goals
  • Create many options and possibilities
  • Enjoy and feel excited about the process
  • Make a well-formed decision about their future
  • Have fun and stay grounded